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February 10, 2016

Mashable on the Twitter Video Revolution

Twitter are making changes in the way they do things. It’s the video revolution – and about time. Twitter bought Vine in 2012 for what now seems a bargain at $30m before launching it in early 2013. It’s user base […]

January 29, 2016

Fun at The Northern Digital Awards 2016

Last night was the 2nd Annual Prolific North – Northern Digital Awards at the lovely Leeds Dock. The Digital Gurus of the North came together, dolled up to the nines, to celebrate the years’ top talent and digital campaigns. The […]

January 27, 2016

The Rock’s A Big Deal For Under Armour

If you follow our blog you’ll already know that we have particular brands we are quite fond of. One of these brands is Under Armour and they’ve now done what many have predicted and officially added Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson […]

January 26, 2016

Deadpool’s Edgy Promotional Success

Marvel’s latest movie, Deadpool, is soon to be released and it’s safe to say the promotional campaign behind it has been very different to any we have ever seen. The comic book film that sees Ryan Reynolds play the much loved anti-hero […]

January 21, 2016

Kevin Hart Rides Along With Social Media

Social media has everybody talking. Since Facebook became a tool for business, along with Twitter and LinkedIn, social media marketing has driven conversation and marketing innovation across the marketing industry. New jobs have been created solely around social media marketing […]

January 13, 2016

Marketing’s Most Wanted Candidates: January 2016

Looking for a new job is consistently in the top 10 for new years resolutions and 2016 won’t be any different. We looked at the most in demand people in the marketing industry based on a survey of 10 national […]

December 17, 2015

Recruitment Past, Present & Future

We’ve been in recruitment a long, long time. In fact, our business is older than our youngest team member! So we thought it’d be interesting to take a brief look back at recruitment in the 90’s, what it’s like today […]

December 8, 2015

7 Things Christmas Movies Taught Us About Marketing Recruitment

We can’t believe it’s December! It’s not rare that during the festive period we chuck a Christmas blog or two down your digital chimney. After watching Christmas movies (on repeat) we’ve drawn some similarities that the festive favourites share with our day jobs […]

November 25, 2015

CIPR Awards 2015 : Our Favourite Campaigns

We will be attending the CIPR awards on Thursday and sponsoring the annual award for ‘Outstanding Young Communicator’ in which there’s a few very promising nominees to keep your eyes on! Being in the industry we often come across really innovative […]

November 10, 2015

Essential Interview Preparation – What Song Should I Listen To?

We’ve all had that moment standing in front of the mirror with our headphones on, feeling like a true Beyonce. But have you ever wondered what those notes and harmonies are doing to your brain? It has been proved that […]

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